A rich repository of further material, including a series of case studies, and some utilities for design project management.

Successfull companies using design

An open collection of experiences from successful companies using design-driven-innovation

  • An exhaustive overview of different companies that have integrated design into their management and often use it as a key competence of their overall strategy.
  • The provided examples should be used as a reference for the Project Work, to be presented during the final Face-to-Face event

Overcoming barriers for the implementation of design

How to overcome the barriers that limit the adoption by SMEs of design-driven innovation

  • How to identify the barriers towards the process of implementation of design-driven innovation for SMEs, and through in-depth analysis identifying the ways forward:
    • Barriers to SMEs implementation of Design-Driven approach
    • Ways forward to overcome barriers
    • SWOT analysis
    • Case studies from Project Works