The Full course is composed by the following four phases and, in order to receive the final certification of accomplishment; each participant shall take part in and successfully complete the whole program.

Phase 1: Residential kick-off meeting (2 days)
The event will show to organizations how the course is composed, the overall objectives and the skills they will acquire. During the event a key member of ADIPer will be invited for a speech to the audience. Participants also will receive guidance about the project work specifically;

Phase 2: On demand courses
According to the specific objectives, fields of work and experience of his/her organization, the participant will have the chance of choosing the most suitable package of modules, among the on-distance modules proposed. At least 6 modules, chosen by among a bench of more than 15 modules.
The modules will be delivered either via e-learning or gaming.

Phase 3: Redaction of the essay
Once that most of the skills are acquired, each participant will be asked to develop and present a case study, reflecting the typical field of action of his/her organization. The participants will in fact be asked to select one of their (potential) future customers or marketing strategy and build on it a case study. The Project Work Module will be explained with real examples how to build a case-study, and the developed cases will be discussed in the final event. Participants will receive feedback from the Country Manager before the final event, in order to prepare for the discussion.

Phase 4: Final bilateral web-conference
The final web-conference will concentrate on the discussion of developed case studies and on the guidelines for each participant to follow-up the course. In particular the final obligatory modules will show to participants the guidelines about how to include the design-related service in their portfolio and how to introduce them to their customers. At the end of this session, participants will be rewarded with a Certificate of Accomplishments and they will get the Design4Enterprises Toolkit.