How to enhance your product design through lean thinking, support the whole lifecycle of your products with digital tools and how to evaluate their costs and benefits for your business.

Lean design I and II

Part I – How lean thinking enhances product design

  • Apply lean thinking to design and product development
  • Use lean product and design development in your daily work and for your enterprise

Part II (My waste Game) – How SMEs can improve the design process through waste elimination

  • Maximize the value in product design and development
  • Avoid waste in product design and development
  • Recognize, quantify, prioritize and eliminate waste from your product design and development process and to create value, using a tool called MyWaste

Tools for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) I and II

Part I – How digital tools support design, along the whole lifecycle of products and services

  • Understand the boundaries of the product lifecycle and you will be introduced to the solutions for managing it
  • Understand what is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Explore the IT tools and functionalities of PLM systems in order to highlight which company needs could be fulfilled

Part II – How SMEs can evaluate costs and benefits of an investment in PLM tools

  • Implement and manage PLM tools in your company
  • Evaluate if a PLM solution is convenient or not for your company
  • Calculate the costs that your company have to sustains for implementing a PLM solution
  • Measure the tangible and intangible benefits of a PLM solution in your company