How to change competition rules, foster creativity, build a new common product/service development process, preview the global trends and communicate innovations to your organizations and your customers.

Design-Driven Innovation

How to change the rules of competition with a design driven innovation

  • Understand the difference between Innovation of Solutions and Innovation of Meanings
  • Understand Innovation of Meanings through a team working activity

Global Future Trends and Business Models

How Global Future Trends and Business Models influence product design and development

  • Intercept Global Future Trends for the design of new products / services
  • Implement within your company a ’’Design for Megatrend” approach
  • Learn how to design business models, from theoretical and applied market science
  • How to adopt design business models
  • How to use the Business Model Canvas tool

Product & Service- Its Design and Development

How to design a company strategy for the new product development process

  • Define design as a process, with many players involved
  • Manage the development process, for being effective
  • How to improve the design process, adopting reference models, already applied by leading companies
  • Manage the intellectual capital generated by the design process

Design for Problem Solving

How to foster creativity and product engineering, through systematic innovation

  • Get awareness of different problem-solving tools for innovation engineering.
  • Foster problem solving and innovation in any kind of enterprise
  • Exploit the TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
  • Get inspiration from nature

Communicating Innovation through Metaphors

How to communicate Design-Driven Innovation

  • Start communicating about a new product/service
  • Use metaphors as a powerful tool to:
    • represent meaningful design driven innovative product/services
    • communicate a new concept to your staff
    • communicate the new product/service to your customers
  • Help a team to develop new metaphors