All courses are COMPLETELY FREE, financed by European Commission.

To whom are these courses aimed?

The program is conceived in a perspective of «train the trainers», to maximize the number of involved companies. For this reason, the target participants are firstly the “Business intermediaries” who are working in direct interface with SMEs, helping them in improving their competitiveness (such as also innovation agencies, incubators and Enterprise Europe Network) and secondly European SMEs that are interested to improve their design management skills.

What will you learn?

The core of the courses is to propagate and support design driven innovation, focusing on design as the key feature in the strategies to develop a SME in the global market of today. The training project is composed by two training programs: the full and the short courses.

Full Courses
20 courses around Europe held in English with the support of a mother-tongue tutor in each country. The full courses are composed by: a face to face kick-off event of two days; at least 6 on-distance modules, delivered via webinar or e-learning or gaming; 1 project work module on-distance; a final bilateral web-conference.

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Short Courses
30 short courses, each of the duration of one full day, to present the benefits and the opportunities of design-driven innovation for European SMEs. The content of each short course will be based on practical examples, business cases, testimonials and experiences.

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Contents: 6 main areas

How to change competition rules, foster creativity, build a new common product/service development process, preview the global trends and communicate innovations to your organizations and your customers. Know more…


How to use design as a strategic asset, building more effective and distinctive services, engaging customers in the design process, converting people’s needs into market opportunities, and developing new products/services from new ideas. Know more…
How to use new emerging production technologies and innovative materials in your approach to business, and re-design your products. Know more…


How to enhance your product design through lean thinking, support the whole lifecycle of your products with digital tools and how to evaluate their costs and benefits for your business. Know more…
How to develop greener products and services, by designing them with the tools of the Life Cycle Assessment and run a cost-benefit analysis thanks to the Life Cycle Costing method. Know more…


A rich repository of further material, including a series of case studies, and some utilities for design project management. Know more…

Where they will be held?

The courses will be delivered in 29 EU Member States and Associated Countries, in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Some of the training material will be translated into all official languages of the countries hosting a physical event.

Country Full Courses Short Courses Country Full courses Short Courses
Belgium 1 (delivered) 2 (delivered) Latvia 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Bulgaria 2 (delivered) 2 (delivered) Lithuania 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Croatia 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered) Moldova 1 (delivered)
Czech Republic 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered) Netherland 1 (delivered)
Denmark 1 (delivered) Norway 1 (delivered)
Estonia 1 (delivered) Poland 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Finland 1 (delivered) Portugal 1 (delivered)
France 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered) Romania 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Germany 1 (delivered) Slovak 1 (delivered)
Greece 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered) Slovenia 1 (delivered)
Hungary 2 (delivered) 2 (delivered) Spain 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Iceland 1 (delivered) Sweden 1 (delivered)
Ireland 1 (delivered) Turkey 1 (delivered)
Israel 1 (delivered) United Kingdom 1 (delivered) 1 (delivered)
Italy 2 (delivered) 2 (delivered)