A complete range of free training courses by EASME to discover how design can become the key to improve the European SMEs strategies and support the startup development understanding new technologies, new culture trends, new organisational environments.

EASME, the European Commission Executive Agency for SMEs, launches Design for Enterprises, or #D4E – a three years programme of courses to support the design driven innovation. All courses are aimed at European SME managers, to improve their design management skills, and are wholly free.

Understanding new technologies, organisations, and cultural trends is the core of the courses. All the programme focuses on design, as the key feature in the strategies to develop a SME in the global market of today. Design is not a formal tip adding appeal to a product – it is a complete management tool, involving the knowledge of traditional and new materials, up-to-date product engineering, right insight of the product meaning for its users’ life.

Design is a new point of view about the product, the design driven innovation is the key to success for the European enterprises.