May 1, 2017, OBA Amsterdam Public Library

7 Tech & The City 5

“Think Global, Act Local & Think Local, Act Global”: matching trending tech solutions with societal challenges around the world.

GlobalTech.City, founded in 2017, is the global platform connecting AmsterdamTech.City and the other tech cities around the world. The vision of GlobalTech.City is to combine city events, tech topics, societal challenges, tech solutions, and speakers for the city, communities, and citizens around the world. The mission of GlobalTech.City is to facilitate the city, communities, and citizens in the engagement and transformation.

The target groups are public and private; governmental and non-governmental; educational institutions; corporates, scale ups and start ups; investors and programs, inventors and experts; visitors and citizens.

Key words: conference, Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Realty, Big Data, networking