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Anna Cecilia Russo holds a PhD in Design Aesthetics and Communication from Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris3 in Paris. After spending 9 years in Design Journalism, working for CondéNast Italy, she embarked a new career in Design Humanities, ending up to Academic Research and Teaching (V. Flusser Archive in Berlin; APPLA and École Boulle in Paris, Politecnico di Milano, and recently IES abroad). She previously worked also as Art and Design Historian, collaborating with Museums, Cultural Institutions and Private Collectors mainly between Europe and US (California), covering different positions: from Curatorial to Communications. She holds a BA in Italian Literature, with a Major in Contemporary Art History from Università Cattolica di Milano and an MA Master of Arts in Communications from IMI Brussels. Her full professional proficiency in English and French has always let her work within international contexts and cross-cultural environments. Her full list of publications includes about 300 voices, among magazine articles, interviews, and design stories, essays for art books, editorial projects coordination, scholarly articles and technical brochures. Besides several long residencies in UK and France, she has spent 4 years in Brussels, Belgium, and about 1 year in San Diego, CA, US. She is now based in Milan, Italy.