European Symposium and Exhibition on Biomaterials and Related Areas

9-10 May 2017, Weimar, Germany

1 BIOMAT-Polymer-Biomaterials

Ecology and sustainable resources are one of the most important macro-trends of our future.
Today, biomaterials represent a strategic field of research for low-impact productions.
Materials scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists in scientific and industrial R&D as well as medical professionals are increasingly facing situations, where materials are confronted with high performance requirements, challenging biological environment and new designs at the same time.
Euro BioMAT 2017 will present and discuss the current state of progress and novel trends in development, characterization, application, testing and modelling of biomaterials in basic science and industry.
The symposium addresses the growing interest of science and industry in the different aspects of the creation, characterization, testing and application of biomaterials and closely related areas, bringing together experts in closely related areas, such as biomimetics, biomineralization and biopolymers.

Key words: biomaterials, LCA, biomimetics, sustainable environment